Hong Kong may be a city with a stunning skyline and a constant hustle and bustle but what really attracts Toby is the nature. Going on a hike is a perfect way for him to explore the natural side of the town:

How was your hiking trip?

Really nice

Looks amazing

Are you at home now?

Going to a bar haha

It’s Saturday night

When we receive this message we instantly feel old since for Toby “going to a bar” seems like the only natural answer to the question if he’s home on a Saturday night. Judging by the videos he sends us he and the crowd in the bar had a lot of fun.


Going to a bar doesn’t only mean having fun for a couple of hours, but also forgetting the madness that has its grip on the city and its citizens:

In the bar you will not realize that something terrible is happening in the city. The atmosphere is so unrealistic that you forget what’s going on.


* This material was originally sent to us as a video.

** This material has originally been sent to us on the 21st of October

The chat messages have been curated by us and shortened for better readability while the context of the messages has been retained.