Voices of Exile

Dozens of Hongkongers have left their hometown in the past few months. The new security law, in particularly, is leading more and more people to leave the city. They fear political persecution, censorship and employment bans. Some have managed to build a new life in exile – here they continue to stand up for their political convictions. The “Hong Kong Diaries” have accompanied two of them.

Glacier Kwong

24-year-old political activist Glacier Kwong lives and studies in Hamburg, Germany. She can no longer return to Hong Kong where she faces prosecution. Regarding the German government’s China policy, she expects more than just words from chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ray Wong

Ray Wong is the first Hong Kong citizen to be granted asylum in Germany. The 27-year-old is the founder of the group “Hong Kong Indigenous”. In 2017, he was charged with instigating riot and fled. He now lives in Göttingen. China demands his extradition.