Police Everywhere

13 months ago pro-democratic protesters and civilians were brutally attacked by the police at the Prince Edward Subway Station. Toby wants to show us where the attack took place – but decides differently when he arrives there.

There are a lot of riot police officers in and nearby the station

Idk if I am able to film the station or not

I don’t think it’s possible, there are hundreds of them patrolling the area. If I used the camera I would be immediately stopped and searched

The worst thing is that many police officers just wear plain clothes

Hong Kong is literally a police state, people are afraid of the people around them

Despite all the chaos that engulfs the city, Toby manages to find signs of hope – like this graffiti that he passes on his way home.

The heavy rain makes the covered graffiti visible

What does the graffiti say?

“Hongkongers revolt!”