Rebel is an anonymous activist in the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. She joins as many protests as possible, even after the promulgation of the National Security Law. In her professional life, she works with people with disabilities. Rebel says she will fight until she dies.

By Jonas Feldt and Alexander Nabert
“Until I Die” - 28. September
“Until I Die” - 28.09

Hey Rebel, I hope you are doing well. On this day six years ago, the Umbrella Movement started. Do you remember where you were on that day?

And what does the Umbrella Movement mean to you today?

On the 28th of September, some protestors gather in the Pacific Mall to celebrate the anniversary of the Umbrella MovementThe umbrella protests took place in Hong Kong from September to mid-December 2014. The protests were triggered by a decision of the Chinese People’s Congress to select the candidates for the Hong Kong administrative chief post through a preliminary selection process. The movement got its name because the protesters used umbrellas to protect themselves from the tear gas used by the police. . Rebel also goes.

Thank you. Are you still around the mall?

The police just surrounded the press, the first aid people, and a few young ppl, some with intellectual disabilities, for searches and ID checks

The mall is now basically police. So I am done

One of the photographers being checked is a friend who is a wheelchair user, luckily they released him afterwards

I hope you get home safe

I am safe, no worries

I know my way around them

It started raining so hard at 18:00. But anyway, not too many ppl showed up

Umbrella Movement defines me as a Hongkonger. Made me realise how much I love Hong Kong and won’t ever want to leave. I said then, I said it now – it’s my home. It should be the intruders who leave, not me

Why do you think, that not many people showed up?

I think ppl are waiting for Oct 1

“Like Water” - 29. September
“Like Water” - 29.09

Hey Rebel, good morning. Today I want to know: What makes Hong Kong special for you?

“Revolution Now!” - 30. September
“Revolution Now!” - 30.09

Good morning, dear Rebel. My question for you today is: What can you do longer do today that you could before the 1st of July?

I prepare for tomorrow. Will show you.

“Nothing To Me” - 1. October
“Nothing To Me” - 01.10

The 1st of October is Chinese National DayThe People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949. Since then this date is considered a national holiday.. In Hong Kong, there is a demonstration for democracy and freedom. Rebel joins the protest.

Crazy! I am still not out and the police have already raised the blue flag twice

The blue flag warns us we are violating the law and they may use force

Where do you see that flag?

I was watching the news

So few people showed up ?

They just arrested my friend who has intellectual disabilities ??

Oh no

During the demonstration?

Can you do anything?

I just got home. Found the social worker who just got out of the riot charge to help them. He was with his grand aunt

A lawyer is now going to help

Why was he arrested?

No reason at all

Please keep us updated

He was with his grand aunt on the street. Somehow the police just suddenly decided they wanted to arrest people. They rounded up two males and asked what did they do; the men told the police they are district councillors. Then the police said, “Great!” Then took them inside the cordon line. I didn’t see that, but guess they were just nearby and got round up together.

I took a video

The young man is my friend and the older lady his grand aunt

They were actually being arrested with two District Councillors. I didn’t know them at the time so I wasn’t focusing on them

“Pissed Off” - 2. October
“Pissed Off” - 02.10

Hey Rebel, how are you feeling today? Any news?

I ended up staying at home all day. I have to prepare for a children’s rights workshop tomorrow, but mainly I guess I had this kind of depression or sadness after yesterday’s protest. It happens a lot, I guess it happens almost every time over the past year. It’s that every time you come home and you feel this kind of like fruitlessness or helplessness, and then there’s the frustration and anger, why can’t I do more… When is this going to end? And last night, my friends being arrested, I was just watching outside a line and there was nothing I could do. I could only call for help and arrange for a social worker and lawyer and people who have the resources to go and help. And I just felt so angry with myself, I couldn’t do more, I always have this guilt, I just didn’t do enough. I hate myself for not having the courage to do more or not having friends to do more, I’m angry at myself. I’m angry with my friends who didn’t go out. I’m angry with people who were celebrating the Full Moon Festival rather than going out to confront the government. I am angry with the government. I am pissed off with the police. And it’s just really kind of complicated and difficult. And I just have no idea, how do you – sometimes you just feel like you can’t carry on like this, you know, it is such a weird feeling, you know what’s going on while you actually don’t know what it would be like to to live like people in China, in Xinjiang, but then you see it coming and you just feel that you don’t have… All you can do is wait and for… world leaders to realise. That fighting the CCP is not just for Hongkongers, but for the entire world. Like, when will they realise? When will they listen to us? You know, that the CCP is the evil and is going not to just undermine not just our democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. It’s gonna destroy world democracy. And I just hope that the world stops being willing to be paid off by CCP and and begins to do the right thing now.

Oh Rebel, dear Rebel ???

“Still Hope” - 4. October
“Still Hope” - 04.10

Hi Rebel, what’s up?

On the 3rd of October, the United States of America stated that they were “outraged” over the arrests during the protest on the 1st of October.

“Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell what is hope. But I guess today reading about the United States issuing a statement about the arrest of protesters on October 1st in Hong Kong made me feel that there is still hope, that internationally, we have allies who are on our side. And they are becoming more and more vocal about their support for us. So I’m crossing my fingers and hopefully, we are going to take down the CCP soon.”

The European Union and Germany remained silent. They also did not want to comment on request.

“Evil Question” - 6. October
“Evil Question” - 06.10

Dear Rebel, today we wanna know: What would you do, if China takes over completely and irreversibly?

Your question is so evil??????

Sorry, haha, we have to ask

“I still don’t think I would ever want to leave Hong Kong, no matter what. But I also know that making this promise to myself right now is kind of impractical. It is so funny, like I said before I used to think I don’t belong in Hong Kong, but I was meant to be living in somewhere else. You know I met friends from all over the world and a lot of people say I belong in Europe and my Latino friends were saying I ought to come down to Latin America. And I feel that yes, I definitely feel more like a Latina than a Hongkonger or, you know, more like a European than a Hongkonger. But then, like, during the Umbrella Movement, I just realised that no, that’s wrong. I’ve been home my entire life and it’s Hong Kong. And right now it is being invaded, it is being bombed, it’s being attacked and it’s being robbed. As a Hongkonger I need to protect my home. I need to protect my homeland.  And it should be the thieves who are leaving, not me. I guess it’s just the principle, it’s a silly thing, but it is important. So I really hope that I don’t ever have to leave Hong Kong, not by choice. Not like because CCP has taken over and I was forced to leave. You know what I mean? I hate that, I’d rather die fighting than to run away. But I also know that at a certain point who knows, I mean life happens and if I feel that leaving would give me a better chance of saving Hong Kong, save guarding my my integrity and Hong Kong’s integrity, then maybe I would have to leave. Oh gosh, I hate this question. I refuse to leave. I refuse to answer this question actually.”

“Celebrate” - 11. October
“Celebrate” - 11.10

Hong Kong is free. What would you do? What’s your dream?

“When HK is free, we are going to celebrate. We are going to celebrate under the LegCo as we all said before take off our masks, everything, and meet each other, and hug each other. And then we’ll help build the society that we dream of together. For me, I dream of a society where everyone is equal, because that’s my thing. Fighting for human rights, for people with disabilities, and I guess like I still have to do more. But this time, it would be on the construction side like pre-empting every decisions and helping to liaise with people with disabilities to talk about their needs and to just help to breach the gap and just have a world where that everybody can be equal and have choices and enjoy the rights and freedom that they are born with.”

The chat messages have been curated by us and shortened for better readability while the context of the messages has been retained.